For Landlords

Hudson Homes Realty understands residential property investment and the long-term financial benefits that owning a residential investment property can bring to the lives of everyday Australians.

We also understand the pressure sometimes felt by landlords due to the financial commitments of owning a residential investment property and satisfying legislative requirements.

The policies and procedures we have implemented at Hudson Homes Realty are designed to minimise the stress that may be associated with owning an investment property whilst maximising the long term financial benefits. How do we do this? Our key is to always maintain an open and honest relationship with both you and your tenant.

Whilst we believe good property management can potentially identify many problems before they exist, we remain a member of TICA database and maintain a zero tolerance to rental arrears. Both tenants and landlords know that we take immediate action to rectify any discrepancies.

Services we offer our Landlords include:

  • Leasing – prompt letting of your property to a tenant that has been thoroughly screen and qualified
  • Inspections – Ingoing, Routine, Vacate and Bond at no extra charge
  • Accounts – the collection, banking and processing of all funds relating to your investment including, rents, water rates, maintenance costs etc
  • Arrears – regular monitoring of rental arrears to ensure tenants are paying rent under their obligations of their Residential Tenancies Agreement
  • Maintenance and Repairs – In conjunction with Hudson Homes Maintenance team, we will coordinate and manage maintenance and repairs required on your investment
  • Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal – Tribunal representation and preparation
  • Rent reviews – to ensure you are maximising the long term benefits of owning a residential investment property
  • 24 hour portal access to view current financial and property information
  • Assistance with Insurance (building and landlord protection)
  • Arranging Depreciation schedules
  • Complimentary Rental Appraisals

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