Landlord Q & As


How do I change agents?

It is not hard to change agents. You will be required to give your current agent notice in writing, and we will do the rest! We will contact your current agent and make arrangement to collect documents and keys on your behalf. We will also contact the tenant to advise them of the change.

How do I receive payments?

Disbursements to landlords are done monthly, and payments are made by electronic transfer to your nominated bank account. Statements are emailed to you.

What happens if my tenant stops paying rent?

We understand that the rental income is relied upon to ensure that Landlords financial commitments are met. For this reason, we monitor rent arrears daily. Tenants will be contacted by SMS and phone when the rent is in arrears, and Notice of Termination for non-payment of rent will be issued on the 15th day of arrears (or next business day).

In the event that there are frequent rent arrears, we will contact you to discuss the options available.

What is Landlord Protection Insurance and do I need it?

Landlord Protection Insurance is an insurance product designed to protect Landlords in the event of a loss. Things that may be covered include loss of rent, accidental damage and malicious damages. There are a many products available, and like all insurances, cover can vary from one policy to the next – it is wise to shop around to find the policy which suits you best.

Can I do my own repairs?

Whilst we have a dedicated and efficient team of tradespeople (Hudson Homes Maintenance) to carry out repairs, you are able to attend to repairs and maintenance yourself. Please note that some repairs are required to be completed within a timely manner, whilst others require the tenant to be given the correct amount of notice.

How do I know I am going to get a good tenant?

All tenants are required to complete a Tenancy Application and provide sufficient information on rental history, employment/income, identification and personal references.

Procedures put into place ensure that references are thoroughly checked and information is cross referenced. We are a member of TICA, and all applications are processed through the TICA database.

After the applications are processed and references checked, we will contact you to discuss the applications. If there is any doubt as to the legitimacy of any application, we will advise you.

Ultimately, the decision on who resides in your property is up to you.

Does my tenant pay for water usage?

Tenants are liable to pay for water usage if the property meets the minimum criteria for passing on water usage charges. For more information please refer to the Fair Trading Fact Sheet:

Passing on water usage charges